Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Walk of Fame News

There are two new stars on the Music City Walk of Fame in Downtown Nashville. Bill Anderson and Keith Urban drew a huge crowd of onlookers recently to accept their place in Country Music history. For Urban, he showed his gratitude by locking lips with the pavement and then with his wife, actress Nicole Kidman.  Getting his star took decades of hard work. Urban first arrived in Nashville in 1989 and got turned down repeatedly before finally finding his niche on Music Row.  Urban thanked the town that has embraced him and helped him through the years. "So it will be 20 years next year since I moved here, and I've had the absolute lowest lows of my life and the complete highest of highest of highs, all have happened in Nashville," said Urban. Another familiar face who has clearly earned his star on the Walk of Fame is is country legend "Whispering Bill" Anderson. For 50 years he's performed, written and remained relevant in a constantly changing industry. "I am thrilled to be a part of it after all these years, the one thing is that about the music business is that it is constantly changing so to say that you know where it's going to go, nobody knows that. The public will tell us where they want to go and we will follow," said Anderson. There are now a total of 50 artists on the Music City Walk of Fame.

Roger Ryan

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