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Bob Palumbo Back In The Saddle Again....First New Song in 2 Years Released

Bob Palumbo Back In The Saddle Again....First New Song in 2 Years Released
Allow me to introduce our newest contributor, Bob Palumbo.  A veteran singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, USA (the Rock and Roll Capitol Of The World)....we are very pleased to have him with us here at Country Music News Interational.   Bob's been an artist, songwriter and his articles offer you, our readers, a bit of..."been there, done that" perspective, which doesn't hurt!!
Bob grew up on The Beatles, Elvis, The Eagles, CCR, Chicago, Elton John, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Raspberries, Eric Carmen and so many other artists who sang and wrote their own songs....back in the 60s and 70s.
As a songwriter, he began by trying to emulate those artists and wrote many, many "pop rock", piano-based songs and even had a single record in 1974 called "Sweet Emily". That single was produced by Carl Maduri (who produced the Maureen McGovern's "The Morning After" and many other great hit records of that era).  Although it did get some limited airplay in the U.S and around the really didn't have the financial backing of a "major record label" to push in onto the it died a speedy death.

     Bob in 1978 
That was followed up by his first all-original album called "Look To The Sky" in 1977.  That album had the distinction of nearly being signed to Steve Popovich's Cleveland International records, before being shelved in favor of some newcomer named "Meat Loaf" and his album "Bat Out Of Hell".  Actually, Bob said, "It's sort of an honor to be bumped  by such a historic record!!  It's kind of like being bumped by some new band called The Beatles....or Garth Brooks...LOL.  You hate to be bumped...but the reason VERY obvious!!!"
In the late 80s, with the arrival of a new breed of country artists like Garth, Randy Travis, The Judds, Patty Loveless, George Strait and so many others....Bob caught the "country bug".  He realized that to be successful, purely as a songwriter (rather than an artist), he needed to concentrate on Nashville.  Rock artists tend to write their own songs, but not so with the country artists.  They depend heavily on the songwriting community..and he intended to become a member of that exclusive club!!
That lead to numerous trips to Nashville and numerous allegiances with "movers and shakers" there, working diligently, learning the ropes of the country market and he even teamed up with a few "songpluggers" and agents to help him get his songs into the right hands and right ears!!  Came close, a number of times, to getting that "big cut" by a major artist....the closest being serious consideration for the song "Building A Bridge To Yesterday", by Emerson was down to the final cut for the album..but came up a bit short...Tough luck, Bob!!
In 1997, he was asked to come to Nashville to record his own, all original CD, with all the famous players and singers who play on the biggest hits in country music.  Bob jumped at the chance.  The result, the CD, "Somebody Stop Me"...and the title song that was eventually released as the 1st single.  Once again, although it did get some airplay, especially in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  it got very little airplay in the USA.   But again, without the leverage of a major record can only go so far.
Since then, he has continued to write, learn and write some more.  He still believes he has the ability to write a hit song.  Hopefully, it's just a matter of when.   So, Bob intends going to keep matter your boots on that!!   Let's just see "Somebody Stop Him"

   Bob in 2010
In this moment....Bob has just finished his first new song and a video to go with called,    "Party Like It's 1773" 
  It is an American political commentary song (with a little humor thrown it....check it out!!!)

  We are pleased to have Bob with us here....and we hope you enjoy what he brings to the CMNI table, as well.  
   You can write to Bob Palumbo via email at:

                           Christian Lamitschka


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