Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Despite the best efforts of Nashville Record companies to turn country music into pop/rap/crap thru groups like Lady Antibellem, Sugarland, Jason Adean (rapping his new song) and Taylor (I ain't so) Swift, by some sort of miracle every year several really good songs actually getting recorded (and you can actually hear and understand the lyrics).
I picked up Brad Paisley's This Is Country Music as soon as it hit the shelves and its got some outstanding songs in addition to the title cut and Ole Alabama...namely "A Man To Have To Die (to go to hell)"...killer song, but probably won't get a single release because...
Ronnie Dunn debut Solo CD second release will be "Cost Of Living"  Anyone that has to basically BEG for a job is gonna identify with it and I think (and hope) radio will give it a real chance, as it was shipped to radio on the 15 June. Another killer song that he had to fight the system to get released.     If you wanna read....
Newcomer Justin Moore has a great song also with "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away", but the rest of the CD is typical "I'm more Country than you" junk....Title song is Outlaw's Like Me....dude ain't no Outlaw...he ain't been in the system long enough to fight it....everybody likes to TRY to compare themselves to Waylon and they couldn't even carry his Cocaine Stash!
In my humble opinion that is!!
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Anonymous said...

I agree with you on "Cost of Living", just about the best track on Ronnie Dunn's disappointing first solo album.

As for "This is Country Music", it's just Paisley-by-numbers. His albums have got progressively more samey. He really becoming pretty boring! If that really is all that country music is, I think I'd be looking for something different to listen to!

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