Saturday, June 4, 2011

Julie Ingram – Always Remember

Julie Ingram – Always Remember

LongShot Records


1. You The Man Babe 3:45 2. I Love You 3:32 3. Big Dog In Dallas 3:44 4. Thank God 3:59 5. Madder By The Minute 2:51 6. Well Enough Alone 2:46 7. Loosen Up Baby 2:56 8. Big D Encore 1:48 9. Always Remember 3:32 10. Mom & Dad 3:59 11. You 3:04

Julie Ingram belongs to Nashville like the air we breathe. Her music is versatile and empathetic. Her voice has the ability to pass from powerful to timid with a natural ease. She plays with her songs like no other. An Album like her “Always Remember” has a quality which is rarely reached.

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